Shanghai Jiuyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in November 1999. We are a professional supplier of polyurethane adhesives. Over the years, we have been committed to providing innovative bonding solutions for our customers. We integrate the technical expertise of domestic research institutes and advanced technologies from foreign partners to develop our unique bonding techniques and products, offering the most suitable solutions to our customers In addition to providing high-quality polyurethane adhesives, we also offer professional consulting and services in product selection, application, and more. We continuously expand our product line and service areas to meet the needs and address the concerns of our customers, gradually expanding our coverage. With extensive experience in industries such as automotive, we have customers throughout the country. We are dedicated to becoming a trusted partner with our enthusiastic attitude, prompt actions, and strong professionalism.

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COMPANY Shanghai Jiuyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd
ADDRESS B-C,9th floor,Building2,No.428 South Yanggao Road,Shanghai,China
TEL +86-021-58366131
EMAIL [email protected]